Hello fellow flower fanatics!!

On the heels of  Earth day this past week, I thought it would be a perfect time to begin this online journal together! So much of what we do in this flower trade is so dependent on our environment on which we rely to help us. From the varying and unpredictable weather conditions of these past drought years to our reliance on bees and other insects for the health of what we grow, were all affected one way or another.  As I dive deeper into my role as a “flower farmer”, I’m amazed at how delicate this balance with our environment truly is.

Our mission at Heirloom Floral is to grow, harvest and source sustainably nurtured flowers and botanicals. We have a serious penchant for seasonal, heirloom and open pollinated blossoms and we can’t wait to share our story with you! 

Through this ongoing conversation, we’ll happily share what we’ve learned as well as what we have yet to learn. Believe me our journey is chalk full of mistakes and miss-steps. Needless to say, were also learning some pretty invaluable lessons along the way.

For now, our world is consumed with playing catch up: From finishing up our succession planting for the summer to racing to get our annual and perennial seeds in soil and tucked into their new home under grow lights for the next month or so. Were also finishing our orders for next spring bulbs and peonies and just invested in 40 blueberry plants to get started on growing!

So, welcome and I’m glad you’ve joined us! Much, much more flower gushing heading your way very soon!