Gray Dog - About


Gray Dog - About

Gray Dog farms

Our anthem is beauty.

Our little farm is tucked away on 5 acres on the west side of Bend, the town we call home. Our season is short and our love is big. We strive to grow our flowers in rhythm with the timeline set forth by mother nature, focusing on field grown, biodynamic, chemical free, heritage varieties. We believe living along side flowers should be a daily necessity, instead of once in a while luxury. We are at our best when were co-existing with the natural world arounds us, bringing the outside in, celebrating the beginning and end of a season and the sweet little things that bloom along side us if we take the time to notice.


Gray Dog - its all in a name

Gray Dog - its all in a name

It's all in a name....

Gray dog farms is lovingly named for our two beloved weimeraners, Emmett and Ace. We figure our lives are enhanced beyond measure if we live each day trying to do what these two love best: Being outside more than were are in, digging in the dirt, and starting each day with with renewed joy.  Embarking on the journey of a farm and growing beautiful things seemed like a match made in heaven, for both pup and human alike. 

Ultimately we're all happier because of it. 



Likes: Pollinators, weimariners, watching thunderstorms roll in, and cocktails under the moonlight.

Dislikes: Voles, flies, rainy days and windy weather...oh a fresh horse manure.


Likes:  Dirt digging, grass rolling and stick chewing. Oh and fresh horse manure. 

Dislikes: Voles, flies, rainy days and windy weather. 

Gray Dog - Offerings

Gray Dog - Offerings

We offer our flowers and products seasonally





Spring bulbs are almost in bloom!  Visit us weekly or Bi-weekly at sparrow bakery in Northwest Crossing, located on the westside of town to pick up some of our favorite bulb varieties. The blooms typically come on in mid April and last through the end of May depending on the seasonality of weather.


Visit us weekly at sparrow bakery in Northwest Crossing, located on the westside of town. When the flowers start blooming in late July, we'll host a pop up every Friday from 9-2 through the end of September depending on the seasonality of weather


Special orders

Contact us if your on the hunt for a specific variety, need beautiful flowers to celebrate something special, or if you just want flowers in your life on a regular basis. Were happy to chat flowers and offer up what's blooming. 


Wildflower Honey

Old farm district honey:  Jars of raw honey made by thousands of happy honey bee's loving cared for and responsibly supported.   Free of any chemicals or antibiotics.  Each jar, chalk full of sweetest nectar from each abundant summer in the high desert.    

-6 oz and 12 oz jars available 


Dried blossoms

Were suckers for natural dyeing and devote a good portion of our space to varieties that translate beautifully into color baths. Additionally, were avid foragers, responsibly wildcrafting from the beautiful selection growing in nooks and crannies in the high desert.  We sell dried varieties by the gallon or half gallon for enthusiasts interested in creating with their own color pallet. Our list is ever expanding and contracting so feel free to contact us with specific questions. 

-half gallon and gallon bags available