A true flower fanatic at heart, Allison will openly gush about any sort of new botanical find that she happens to come across . Woodland walks become day long stop and go's, pausing to investigate each new growing specimen hidden just off the trail-trips to the flower market always start as a quick drop in and end hours later, with way more product than is necessary and barely enough room to close her car doors.

Not surprisingly, Allison's relationship to flowers has been years in the making. Like all good love stories, it’s plum full of twists and turns. At times it’s been a story of unrequited love, while other moments it’s been something any teenage love story would be inspired by. There have been many key characters in this story, from the constant guidance and inspiration of her parents and their years of gardening and stewardship, to her years running wild at the Pacific Northwest College of art in Portland where she majored in installation design and got her first job at floral studios around the city all those 17 years ago.

From art school, the transition back into Allison's home town of Bend  was a seamless one. Quickly starting her own floral design company which successfully ran for 12 yearsJust married, insanely in love (enter husband shout out here) and firmly believing life is what you make It, she and her hubby moved to Los Angeles for what seems now like a heart beat, but ended up being more than enough time to realize two things: How important it was to live  life by the rhythm of nature and the seasons and how inspiring it is to be surrounded by people living their truth and practicing their craft.  Yearning for the small town feel of home and the drive to cultivate a sustainably inspired floral trade, Heirloom Floral was created.

With an emphasis on color theory, design impact and sustainably grown flowers from our own graydogfarm and other small farms in the pacific northwest, Heirloom floral strives to grow and seek out the open pollinated, rare varieties of beautiful botanical too often overlooked in the hustle and bustle of the modern day trans atlantic flower trade. Trading year round flower availability  for an emphasis on seasonality,  showcasing each flowers impermanence as an enhancement to celebrate.

When Allison is not oogling over flowers, she can be found loading up her two dogs for adventures in the Deschutes national forest, camping under the stars with her handsome husband or sipping a grey goose fizz while cooking a new recipe.