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Why buy fresh flowers, greens, and floral supplies from www.heirloomfloraldesign.com?

www.heirloomfloraldesign.com takes great pride in its reputation for delivering the finest quality premium-grade flowers and greens and the highest levels of customer service. To make sure that continues, we have built a network of trusted growers and distributors who consistently meet our demanding quality and reliability needs. We have fostered a “customer-first” culture since day one throughout our training, order processing, and policy development, and our U.S.-based staff are experienced professionals in the wholesale and retail floral industry.

www.heirloomfloraldesign.com stands behind our products and order fulfillment.

Our product is sourced from around the country and beyond from partners who share our commitment to quality and service. Heirloom Floral Design has selected each one to create a balanced network that ensures the best possible order fulfillment in the face of all of the challenges that weather, transportation, political upheaval and other disruptions can pose.

All fresh product is using insulated inner packaging to protect from the elements. Special care is taken during packing to safeguard even the most fragile of blooms. Our logistics team works with carriers to makes sure every shipment experience the shortest transit time possible.

At the end of the day, though, the buck stops here. We take full responsibility for any and all issues that might adversely affect the timing or quality an order…including the ones that are completely beyond our control! No one goes away unhappy if we are given the opportunity to correct any issue that might arise. We will always re-ship products or issue refunds if needed.

The Heirloom Floral Design team is experienced, knowledgable, and focused on the customer experience.

The Heirloom Floral Design support and operations teams, all located in the U.S., have one priority – our customers. That focus begins at the earliest interactions with free live order advice and consultation.

Our customer service team will walk a client through arrangement recipes, flower identification, order quantity calculations, and delivery scheduling. From answering simple ordering questions to providing full event estimates and preparation instructions, we stand by every customer every step of the way.

Heirloom Floral Design offers all the tools, tutorials and help you’ll need to make your own stunning DIY bouquets and arrangements.

DIY flowers? Yes you can! Over time Heirloom Floral Design has built an extensive collection of online flower selection, flower preparation, and flower arrangement tools, videos and tutorials – and continues to add to it regularly. Our website and our Heirloom Floral Design blog are chock-full of inspiration, how-to’s, tips and tricks. And if there’s still a question? Call us or chat online for all the answers.

The History of www.heirloomfloraldesign.com

www.heirloomfloraldesign.com was conceived in 2008 by co-founders Janis Truelove and Deane Anderson. Both had long histories with the wholesale and retail floral industries, and saw an opportunity to provide a money-saving product and service direct to the public by opening the doors of the wholesale flower market to our customers.

The website was launched in 2010, with fresh flowers and greens shipping from one location. In the ensuing years, the website has morphed and grown with the addition of new supply products and an ever-growing list of fresh flowers and greens from around the globe. New features and tools are regularly added to the site to improve the customer experience and add value to every visit.

Today, www.heirloomfloraldesign.com shops around the world to deliver of fresh flowers and greens directly to our clients’ doors. We strive for exceeding every expectation for customer service and product excellence every single day.


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